Located in Changsha National Biomedical Park, Qventas lab Inland China, only 15 minutes away from Huanghua International Airport/Changsha with daily direct flights from Hongkong, Taiwan and Japan etc, has been in a very competitive position to offer organic chemistry based services.  We focus on providing FTE-full time equivalent chemists in the areas of contract drug discovery research and lead optimization, process research & scale up, custom synthesis with timely delivery, the highest quality and the most competitive prices.

Synthesis Lab (10000sf):

60 Fume hoods
Buchi rotovapors, up to 10 
Flash columns, up to 6" x 48"
Parr reactors up to 2 L & 10L(1000 psi)
Parr Glass reaction vessels: 5L &10 L  (-78 -120 Deg C)
Ozone Generator
Fluorine Generator

400 Hz NMR available on site



  • Qventas Medicinal Chemistry Trifold Brochure.pdf