About Us

    Qventas Labs was founded by US trained Chinese scientists who worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb. Headquartered at Branford-Connecticut-USA, Qventas labs-CN rapidly expands drug discovery chemoutsourcing business in Guangzhou (previously known as Canton). We use our hybrid business model between China near Hongkong and eastern USA to create and deliver compounds timely in the most cost-effective manner for the sole benefit of our clients, this is being achieved through close collaboration, excellent communications and attentions to our clients needs, timeline and priorities.     
    One of our focuses is to provide the least expensive FTE-full time equivalent chemists in the areas of contract drug discovery research and lead optimization, process & scale up, and custom systhesis with timely delivery on preparation of drug metabolites & internal standards, natural products Isolation, the highest quality and the most competitive prices  In eastern US, our bioanalytical services include LC/MS/MS detections on diverse compounds in buffer, plasma, urine, brain, CSF, bile, tissue etc, and pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic screening as well.  Our newest services in biologics are growing quickly in Guangzhou including peptide and gene synthesis, cell culture and protein production, all in the early stage of Biopharma drug discovery.

Qventas Labs-CN is an emerging southern China based CRO leader growing rapidly in Guangzhou near Hongkong.