Process Research

Drug development is challenging and complex. Once a lead compound has been selected for development as a potential Drug Candidate, a viable manufacturing process must be identified. Qventas original core business is developing drug intermediates, drug-like scaffolds and building blocks to meet the needs of global pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies, ranging from gram to kilogram to metric ton scales.

If you seek to improve a troublesome step in a process or even redesign an entire route for any potential drug products or key intermediates. We have extensive experience in developing breakthrough new processes and can be counted on to come up with an efficient, safe, and cost effective solution to your particular problem.

Case Study:

In 2009, Qventas was contacted by a virtual firm looking to custom synthesize preclinical and clinical batches of its proprietary API.
The client came to us with an aggressive timeline and academia-based technology offering significant scale-up challenges. In addition, this firm was also experiencing employee turnover--the head of manufacturing had been replaced twice within the previous year. By combining our project management skill set and ability to identify the technological challenges essential for project success, we guided the customer through project development while its management team was reorganized internally. Further, an alternative process technology was proposed to aid with scale-up issues. Qventas even went a step further and devised a contingency plan in case the new processing technology did not progress as quickly as anticipated. As a result, our client gained a team of expert project managers who had broad knowledge of drug development and access to a network of cost-effective resources. After initially working from a non-optimized process incompatible with scale-up objectives, the client is now able to accelerate its commercialization timeline after the recent successful manufacture of its target API material.
Biotech start-up firms can be caught off guard by the skyrocketing costs of infrastructure needed well before their products achieve commercial success. For this reason, many new life sciences companies select the virtual route by becoming “idea” companies that outsource their development and clinical pipelines. However, it is crucial for such companies to find the right outsourcing partner for every aspect of their business.
Qventas focuses specifically on helping virtual life science start-ups outsource custom synthesis effectively. We have forged numerous strong alliances with new biotech companies as we collectively seek to accelerate development and commercialization strategies.
We look forward to future projects and the opportunity to assist start-up firms- virtual or otherwise- with custom synthesis services aimed at drug candidate commercialization.